Love is the basis of creating the happiness, which is the source of all the construction and respect for human emotions. However, the hard life pushed the people to the verge of worries and consideration about pluses and minuses. It covers and makes us forget building for this sacred values day-by-day.

            Concerning that the feeling of love and hope to protect the vital spirit in each of our lifes

            On this occasion of the government chose 2013 as the year of Family and Love Connection, which is Vietnamese Family day, as a routine annual, Nhat Tam Music Center chose the topic Love Connection, which contains deeper meanings and put more attention  on the concept of cohesion. Therefore, the love is not only for family but also for motherland, teachers, friends and especially couples.

            With the line of education is the basis of success, talent must be accompanied by training. An annual music festival is a place for student to exchange and learn from each other. Beside that, this is also an opportunity for parents to see their child’s achievement  when they put their trust on Nhat Tam Center which is a Training Center of Musical Talent.

           Accompanying with students and parents at all time, our Center has also very pround to be “ The top importer and distributor in VietNam Piano”.